St Andrews is just 16 miles from Pitcairlie. Known the world over as the home of golf, the town boasts no less than 6 golf courses, among them the famous Old Course, the venue for the 2000 Open.

Even the non-golfer will find the atmosphere and the sense of history around the 18th green exhilarating, although the ardent golfer might be best advised against mentioning to his or her non-playing spouse that there are some 60 golf courses within a one hour radius of St Andrews!

But there is much to do and see in St Andrews besides playing golf. The town was an important religious centre in medieval times, as is witnessed by the ruins of the cathedral and the castle, which was formerly the bishops’ palace. Some of the medieval town walls can still be seen, including a fine gateway, but it is in the layout of the main streets that the town’s ancient heritage can most easily be observed.

The town possesses the third oldest university in Britain, and there are many fine buildings and quads tucked just off the main shopping streets which are worth seeking out. Visitor attractions include the British Golf Museum, Sea-Life Centre, St Andrews University Botanic Garden and the Crawford Arts Centre, but the best pastime of all is just to wander the streets, exploring the alleys off the main shopping areas and taking a leisurely stroll to the harbour, finished off by a walk along one of St Andrews’ fine beaches such as the West Sands, once used for the memorable opening sequence of Chariots of Fife.